About Our Organisation

HTL has a close collaboration with leading Manufactures and Suppliers, with sophisticated and modern machines, packaging, branding, labeling, and logistics entities. Everyone might make an effort your good luck online casino live dealer. Whereas starting from the landing of inquiry and completion of an order, all steps are performed under strict quality management, quality vigilance, and inspection systems. Our dedicated expert team looks after each step very carefully to retain high-quality standards. These entire efforts make it possible for us to get higher customer’s satisfaction and get repeated orders from foreign clients.

Our Mission

Firmly committed to mutually shared values and believe in achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction with the extraordinary emphasis on the creation of value.

Oor Vision

The Vision of Humayun Trade Link (HTL) is to take a lead in providing the finest quality from Pakistan to its customers worldwide.

Our History

HTL is a Pakistan oriented company formed in 2004. It is now among the leading, prestigious, and prominent suppliers and exporter in Pakistan.